reflections begin from the start..

25 August 2006

It is 3 am in the morning and we are driving to the airport...omg...I m so excited, the last time I go through the front door, the last time i smell the air of my village, leave my room, my pets, all this for ten months because I will spend 10 months in Romania....I am so excited and tears come to my eyes and I begin to ask myself if I have made the right decision. On the airport we meet the other exchange student s who also fly from hanover and the last time I embraced my family and then well : goodbye Germany ( for 10 months).....Then at ca 2 pm the plane is landing in Bukarest...omg...the yfu comitee romania picked us up at the airport...everything is strange and it is really hot outside. The host dad of another exchange student takes me with to Cluj where I will stay overnight at my tutor . On the journey to Cluj there are so many things to see, the landscape around Bukarest is very flat but then there are mountains and everything is so beautiful and differnet. The romanian way of driving is crazy and the other exchange student and I begin to They drive with a speed minimum of 100 through villages, don t fasten the seatbells, overtake like if they are nuts,...I begin to ask myself how they passed the driving test. And there is the next shock...carriages on the streets,obviously there is a lot of poorness and well I m kind of i don t know how to describe i feel a bit confused about the differences. We drive through big cities and there are so many Blocks and buildings of the Ceauşescu time.... But well the landscape is so beautiful and I have already fallen in love. Late in the night we arrive in Cluj and I get to know to my Adina my Betruer for this year. She is very nice. I m so tired i just fall in the bed....but I m so excited because the next day I will get to know to my hostfamily.....Everything is so new and different but I don t realize that, just wanna sleep. My first night in Romania.


22.4.07 21:58

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